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1. Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, we are licensed with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors in both residential and commercial and carry general liability insurance with $1 million in coverage that protects you and our employees from any damages that may occur. When hiring a company you should always make that they are licensed and insured. Doing your homework and looking up a company’s history with the ROC is a great way to investigate the company you are hiring. In addition, liability insurance is an added protection to you in case of an injury or damage to your property.

2. May I have a copy of your license and insurance certificate?

Yes, we would be happy to provide you with these documents. Please call our office and we will get it to you.

3. Which brand of paint do you recommend?

We utilize a variety of paint brands and deal frequently with Dunn-Edwards, Sherwin Williams, or PPG paints depending on the need of our client. More importantly than the brand of paint is the product line we will be using. All companies carry low end products and premium products. Having premium products on exterior projects is especially important as the Arizona sun will break down and cause lower end products to fail quickly.

4. Will you start on time every day? Will you finish on time?

Yes! Our team is not only known for excellent service but timely service with the exception of unforeseen weather challenges. Our team guarantees to meet our proposed deadlines.

5. Will my property be protected?

Yes! Our team exercises exceptional care for our customer’s property. Rest assured, we will protect everything, arrange for plants to be moved or covered, and make sure that cars are out of the overspray range.

6. Will I hear loud music, objectionable language, or find cigarettes on my property?

No! Our teams will be professional, courteous and will make you feel very comfortable throughout the project. The culture at Metzger’s Painting is very different than the average construction company. We perform thorough background checks and have a multiple interview process for hiring our team members. From the top down, we provide ourselves on professionalism and customer service and know you will be pleasantly surprised with our entire team.

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